A young man in a wheelchair in assisted living accommodation washes up in the sink. The Airis fire safety device monitors a pan on the hob.

Fire Safety for Assisted Living

Enable residents in assisted living and extra care accommodation to cook for themselves thanks to superior fire safety provided by Airis. Vulnerable people can be protected from the dangers of fire and smoke inhalation without having their independence taken away.

Airis Prevents Fires Intelligently

Airis uses a unique patented temperature measurement technique to accurately measure the temperature of pans on a hob.

Measuring the temperature of the pan is difficult because different materials radiate differently. In fact, when a simple infrared thermometer is used, a stainless steel pan at 100C might be read as 50C. Airis is the only device that overcomes this problem.

Find out how Airis can do what other devices cannot

Fire and smoke safety for vulnerable residents

Airis provides fire safety and peace of mind in accommodation for vulnerable people. This can include permanent as well as temporary accommodation – in rehabilitation, for example. It’s important for people to be able to cook for themselves to maintain their independence and sense of dignity.

In Extra Care and Assisted Living accommodation, Airis provides the highest level of fire safety, enabling people to cook safely for themselves without any intervention. But if the kitchen user does make a mistake, such as forgetting that they have a frying pan on the hob, Airis will intervene to prevent fire and smoke.

Airis provides peace of mind for all residents and care personnel.

Protects elderly and vulnerable people from the risk of fire and toxic smoke inhalation

Vastly reduces fire and smoke alarm activations and building evacuations

Improves quality of life for anyone living with physical disability or cognitive diseases

Empowers care staff with invaluable data on the wellbeing and cooking habits of each resident*

*Airis Cloud available when using Airis Sense WiFi

Get valuable insight into the wellbeing of vulnerable residents

When using Airis Sense WiFi, Assisted Living providers can extend the capabilities of the Airis system with Airis Cloud, providing useful insight into each resident’s wellbeing as well as their environment.

Behavioural Monitoring

Airis has cut the power to a resident’s cooker to prevent a fire, smoke or food burning

A resident hasn’t used their hob/cooker for a specified amount of time

A resident is cooking (or has cooked) at an unusual time (e.g. during the night)

Airis has cut the power to a resident’s cooker more than a specified number of times in a set period

Environmental Monitoring

The kitchen is excessively cold

The kitchen is excessively hot

The kitchen is excessively humid/damp

A water leak has been detected

Maintenance Support

A technical failure has been detected by Airis, indicating that the PCU must be replaced

A technical failure has been detected by Airis, indicating that the Multisensor must be replaced

A Multisensor battery is running low (in case of a battery failure before a programmed replacement is due)

An appliance is leaking in the apartment

Using Airis to improve fire safety for Assisted Living residents

Airis enables residents to cook independently thanks to a dramatically improved level of fire and smoke safety. Airis Sense WiFi also enables advanced remote monitoring features via Airis Cloud, which can be invaluable for building management staff.

Airis allows for cost savings in Assisted Living and Extra Care

By acting before a fire or significant smoke is produced, there are many ways in which Airis saves time and money, such as:

  • Eliminating false alarms caused by cooking
  • Reducing staff investigations and reporting
  • Enabling residents to safely cook for themselves
  • Delaying the onset of full-time care or meal provision
  • Avoiding repairs and insurance claims due to fire and/or smoke damage
  • Preventing water damage from sprinkler systems
  • Avoiding the cost of temporary rehousing following a kitchen fire
  • Preventing damage from water leaks
  • Avoiding clean-up and/or redecoration following extinguisher use
A young man in a wheelchair using the sink in his kitchen with the hob protected by the Airis fire safety device