A middle-aged man in his kitchen, cleaning a frying pan with the Airis fire safety device protecting the hob in the background

Fire Safety in Retirement Living

Airis stove guard provides the very best fire safety for retirement living, protecting residents from kitchen fires and toxic smoke inhalation without any need to take away their right to cook for themselves.

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Keep retired residents safe from kitchen fires

Airis protects the house or apartment

Protects residents' investments

Airis is a proactive safety device, which means a significantly lower risk of fire as well as smoke damage. Residents can live independently and safely.


Genuine fire prevention

Older technology doesn’t prevent fires; it waits for them. Airis protects residents from the risk of fire and toxic smoke inhalation.

Time managent COLOUR

Reduces management overhead

A decreased activation of fire alarm systems and smoke alarms results in a better deployment of resources.

Airis stove guard prevents fires intelligently

As we age, we can become forgetful, especially if we develop dementia. With Airis, residents can continue to cook for themselves without having to worry that they might accidentally leave their cooking unattended.

Airis provides peace of mind for the residents and management personnel in the knowledge that smoke detectors, heat sensors and sprinkler systems won’t be activated by cooking incidents.

Additionally, in Extra Care and Assisted Living, Airis can have a huge impact on a person’s life.

Click below for a deep-dive into the technology and find out how Airis stove guard can do what no other technology can.

Airis stove guard installed in a kitchen, protecting the hob from fires and smoke

“Our installation team have found this product very easy to programme and explain the operation to our client. Our clients feel more confident with the product and have said they don’t notice that it’s there.”

– David A., Electrical Contractor

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Airis is extremely reliable

Since early 2018, we have supplied many customers, all with several hundred Airis stove guard systems each, and we are pleased to say that our failure returns rate is lower than 0.5%!

Airis has a design life of 15 years and is made in a factory that specialises in high build quality. This encompasses automated state-of-the-art quality testing of the production processes, integrated with quality management. Unicook has visited the factory and inspected the end-to-end process first-hand. Each Multisensor and PCU assembly is electronically examined at many stages, culminating in a test at maximum load.

If you would like to talk to a customer, please let us know and we’ll be pleased to arrange contact.

Airis is zero-maintenance and versatile

Suitable for all electric hobs

Airis stove guard can be used on any hob up to 90cm wide powered by electricity, including induction.

Long battery life

The Airis Multisensor has a battery life of 1-3 years. The AA batteries are easily changed.

Certified BS EN 50615

Airis fulfils and goes far beyond the requirements of the BS EN 50615 standard, and meets certain building regulations.

WiFi connectivity

With Airis Sense WiFi, devices can be connected to Airis Cloud for top-down organisational views of devices and activity and safety data.

Keep retired people safe and get valuable insight into their wellbeing

When using Airis Sense WiFi, Retirement Living personnel can access valuable data on Airis Cloud, providing useful insight into each resident’s wellbeing as well as their environment.

Below is a sample list of alerts and notifications that can help keep personnel informed.

Behavioural Monitoring

power cut

Airis has cut the power to a resident’s cooker to prevent a fire, smoke or food burning

cooker not used

A resident hasn’t used their hob/cooker for a specified amount of time

cooker wromg time

A resident is cooking (or has cooked) at an unusual time (e.g. during the night)

power cut x3

Airis has cut the power to a resident’s cooker more than a specified number of times in a set period

Environmental Monitoring


The kitchen is excessively cold (potential risk of hypothermia)


The kitchen is excessively hot (the heating could be turned up too high)


The kitchen is excessively humid/damp

water leak

A water leak has been detected

Maintenance Support


A technical failure has been detected by Airis, indicating that the PCU must be replaced


A technical failure has been detected by Airis, indicating that the Multisensor must be replaced


A Multisensor battery is running low (in case of a battery failure before a programmed replacement is due)

appliance leak

An appliance is leaking in the apartment

Using Airis stove guard to maximise kitchen fire safety in Retirement Living

Airis enables residents to age gracefully and cook independently with a dramatically reduced risk of kitchen fires and smoke. However, Airis Sense WiFi also enables advanced remote monitoring and alarm features via Airis Cloud, which can reveal otherwise invisible risks and serve as an invaluable tool to on-site personnel.

Airis allows for cost savings in Assisted Living and Extra Care

By acting before a fire or significant smoke is produced, there are many ways in which Airis saves time and money, such as:

  • Eliminating false alarms caused by cooking
  • Reducing staff investigations and reporting
  • Enabling residents to safely cook for themselves
  • Delaying the onset of full-time care or meal provision
  • Avoiding repairs and insurance claims due to fire and/or smoke damage
  • Preventing water damage from sprinkler systems
  • Avoiding the cost of temporary rehousing following a kitchen fire
  • Preventing damage from water leaks
  • Avoiding clean-up and/or redecoration following extinguisher use
A middle-aged man in his kitchen, cleaning a frying pan with the Airis fire safety device protecting the hob in the background