A group of students chat in a communal kitchen in student accommodation. Universities often use Airis to prevent fires

Prevent Fires and Smoke in Student Accommodation

Reduce false alarms and prevent fires in student accommodation with Airis stove guard. With Airis, kitchen fires and fire alarm activations in student accommodation can be a thing of the past. Airis reduces management time and improves the student experience.

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Protect Students from Fires and Smoke


Prevents fires

Airis doesn’t wait for fires. It prevents them from ever starting using advanced technology fit for modern fire safety. Normal, safe cooking is not affected.

false alarm

Avoids false alarms

Airis dramatically reduces false fire alarms as well as activations of other systems, such as suppression hoods and sprinkler systems. Deploying Airis means real alarms are taken seriously.


Reduces smoke inhalation risk

Airis can act before significant smoke is produced, preventing fire system activations. This means safer students, a safer kitchen and a safer building. This is indispensable in studio apartments.

Airis stove guard prevents fires intelligently

Airis is widely deployed in thousands of UK student kitchens, in both the private sector and university accommodation. Fitting Airis is now established practice across many universities and private student accommodation providers in new schemes, during refurbishments and in retrofits.

Students are widely recognised as a high-risk category for cooking incidents due to lack of experience and the likelihood of being distracted. This risk can be exacerbated by the use of alcohol and recreational drugs.

Airis prevents fires and can greatly reduce smoke, and students don’t even know it’s there unless it acts to prevent a dangerous situation.

Click below for a deep-dive into the technology and find out how Airis stove guard can do what no other technology can.

Airis stove guard installed in a kitchen, protecting the hob from fires and smoke

“Have just installed 50 of these units on a university project, quality bits of kit which serve their purpose with ease of installation to boot.”

– Ryan M., Electrical Contractor

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Airis is extremely reliable

Since early 2018, we have supplied many customers, all with several hundred Airis stove guard systems each, and we are pleased to say that our failure returns rate is lower than 0.5%!

Airis has a design life of 15 years and is made in a factory that specialises in high build quality. This encompasses automated state-of-the-art quality testing of the production processes, integrated with quality management. Unicook has visited the factory and inspected the end-to-end process first-hand. Each Multisensor and PCU assembly is electronically examined at many stages, culminating in a test at maximum load.

If you would like to talk to a customer, please let us know and we’ll be pleased to arrange contact.

Airis is zero-maintenance and versatile

Suitable for all electric hobs

Airis stove guard can be used on any hob up to 90cm wide powered by electricity, including induction.

Long battery life

The Airis Multisensor has a battery life of 1-3 years. The AA batteries are easily changed.

Certified BS EN 50615

Airis fulfils and goes far beyond the requirements of the BS EN 50615 standard, and meets certain building regulations.

WiFi connectivity

With Airis Sense WiFi, devices can be connected to Airis Cloud for top-down organisational views of devices and activity and safety data.

Fire prevention and cost savings for student accommodation providers

By acting before a fire or significant smoke is produced, there are many ways in which Airis saves time and money.

management time

Eliminates management time

Reduces management overheads from inspections, evacuations and reporting following fire alarms.

avoid repairs

Avoids repairs

Repairs and insurance claims due to fire and/or smoke damage can be avoided.

avoid disruption

Prevents disruption

No more disruption to students’ sleep, studies and daily life.

prevent leaks

Prevents water damage

When optional leak sensors are used, damage from water leaks can be prevented.


Stops sprinkler activation

Airis acts proactively. No fires and less smoke means fewer sprinkler system activations.

fire engine

Prevents FRS call-outs

No false fire alarm activations means no needless fire and rescue service visits.


No temporary rehousing

Airis prevents fires from even starting, which means no expensive rehousing is necessary.


No redecoration or ventilation

Avoids the need to redecorate and ventilate following smoke damage or the use of extinguishing equipement.


Avoids loss of belongings

No damage to - or loss of - personal effects and items of sentimental value.

Airis stove guard - a case study in Student Accommodation

Over 1000 Airis stove guard units are installed at the Universities of Surrey and Leicester. With their cooperation, we were able to retrieve data collected over a period of several months from around 20 kitchens at each university, with a mix of ceramic and metal plate type cookers/hobs each university. The chart illustrates the positive effect of Airis.

The frequency of Airis interventions was consistently around double for metal plate hobs than for other types. This is likely to be down to the slow response time in heating and cooling which is characteristic of this type of stove.

In some kitchens, Airis intervened in as many as 13% of cooking sessions. It is important to note that while Airis will not interrupt normal safe cooking, it can often detect when a pan has boiled dry or food has started to burn. Airis, therefore, intervenes to prevent a kitchen filling with smoke and prevents damage to hobs and pans, well before a dangerous situation develops.