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Airis Cloud - Building Management System for Fire Safety

Airis Cloud is a Building Management System that empowers managers and care professionals with valuable data on fire safety, water leak detection, resident wellbeing and the kitchen environment. Notifications and alerts are transmitted in real time via SMS or email. Airis Cloud requires Airis Sense WiFi.

Airis Cloud, for remote fire safety and leak detection

All Airis Sense WiFi units in an installation can be connected to Airis Cloud via WiFi.

If a building has WiFi throughout, no additional wiring or infrastructure is required. Airis Cloud is a highly cost-effective Building Management System.

Time managent COLOUR

Reduces management time

Technical status and battery levels of all units deployed can be monitored from a distance. If something needs acting on, personnel will be notified automatically.

Reduced Management

Real-time notifications and alerts

Real time alerts and notifications for many scenarios pertaining to fire safety, leak detection, kitchen humidity and temperature as well as the technical status of all units in use


Insights into residents’ wellbeing

Past alerts and notifications relating to resident behaviour and the kitchen environment can provide valuable insight into the wellbeing of residents.

Airis fulfils and goes far beyond the requirements of the BS EN 50615 standard, and helps meet certain building regulations.

Comprehensive, building-wide data and alert history

A comprehensive data log for auditing and management purposes. Past alerts can be checked as well as environmental factors such as graphs showing historical humidity and room temperatures.

What is Airis Cloud?

Airis Cloud comes in two forms – BMS Cloud and Care Cloud.

BMS Cloud (Building Management System)

BMS Cloud saves management time and repair costs by notifying managers in real-time when specified conditions are met. It could be that a leak is detected in an apartment, or that an Airis unit has acted to prevent a fire, or even that the humidity levels in a kitchen have got too high.

Care Cloud

Care Cloud provides all the benefits of BMS Cloud, but with greater protection for elderly and vulnerable people with real-time wellbeing notifications of situations that may be of significant concern. These can be based on real-time changes, such as an Airis unit acting to protect a resident from fire, or a longer-term change such as where a resident unexpectedly stops cooking for themselves.

Airis Cloud subscriptions

If you’d like a quote for an Airis Cloud subscription, please call us or visit our quote page.

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BMS Cloud (Building Management System)

BMS Cloud provides support for building managers by monitoring all Airis installations. Devices are organised in groups for easier management and reporting, for example by building or by floor level.

A comprehensive database is accessed by staff via a high quality web interface showing information such as ambient temperature, humidity, device self-diagnosis status, on-line connection and Multisensor battery levels since installation. The dashboard highlights issues that need attention, such as when a Multisensor battery is low, or when a leak has been detected.

BMS real-time notifications

Notifications are defined using the cloud web interface as required, depending on specific conditions. Real-time SMS messages and/or emails can be set for one or more recipients to alert to any of the following conditions.

A water leak has been detected

If optional leak sensors are installed, a notification is issued at the moment a leak is detected, so that action can be taken to prevent damage. Sensors are placed where leaks are likely to occur, for example under sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.

The Airis Multisensor battery needs replacing

Should a battery run low before it is due for replacement, management can ensure it is replaced before it runs out.

The Airis Multisensor or PCU has detected a fault

The Multisensor constantly checks the readings from all its sensing devices to ensure they are in range. The PCU and Multisensor both check the integrity of their hardware and will report in the event that a fault is detected.

The kitchen is hot, cold or damp

A persistently high or low temperature or high humidity may indicate a HVAC problem.

Care Cloud

Care Cloud provides all of the functions of BMS Cloud but has innovative features to assist in the care of residents in supported living schemes such as ‘extra care’ and ‘sheltered’ accommodation. For care staff, it provides all-important insights into the wellbeing of residents. For residents, it’s completely unobtrusive but gives comfort in the knowledge that care staff are able to better support them.

In addition to the BMS information, Care Cloud records all cooking activities and enables real-time notifications designed specifically for monitoring wellbeing.

Care Cloud wellbeing notifications

As with BMS Cloud, notifications are defined using the cloud web interface to trigger for certain conditions. Real-time SMS messages and/or emails can be set for one or more recipients to alert to any of the conditions as above in BMS Cloud, in addition to the following.

Airis has disconnected the power to the cooker to prevent smoke or fire

Those responsible for residents’ wellbeing have an opportunity to call or visit the person to make sure they are OK. If Airis has intervened to prevent fire or smoke, the person might have had a fall or they may be unwell.

The resident has cooked at an unusual time of day (or night)

This can be a sign of declining cognition associated with dementia.

The resident hasn’t cooked for x days

People with compromised cognitive health can forget to eat and drink, rapidly deteriorating their wellbeing. A notification could be invaluable in preventing a more serious situation.

The kitchen is hot, cold or damp

People with dementia, for example, can lose the ability to recognise when their home is unduly cold or hot, placing them at risk. A notification allows for timely intervention.

The proportion of interventions to cooking sessions is greater than a given ratio

If a person regularly leaves their cooking unattended, it could be that their mental wellbeing has declined and a review of their needs may be required.

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