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Airis Sense Stove Guard

The best fire protection for the stove

From £369.99

Airis enables people to cook on their stove, their way.

If – and only if – a dangerous situation arises, Airis cuts the power to the stove.

The home has never been a safer place.


stoves protected worldwide.


of fires, smoke alarm and sprinkler system activations and fire service call-outs prevented each year in the UK alone.


of fires in the home simply never happen.


universities, fire services, housing associations, developers and consultants use Airis Sense.

Flintshire Council and North Wales Fire and Rescue - a case study

Find out how Airis Sense was used by Flintshire Council in collaboration with North Wales Fire and Rescue to identify and protect vulnerable people in the community.

Airis Sense. Next-level fire safety in two halves.


Watches over the stove in real-time, checking the situation is safe.


Cuts the power if the Multisensor detects danger.

With an app, it keeps getting better.

With the Safera smartphone app, the device that you buy now will just do more and more. With regular firmware updates, new functions are added all the time.

Relatives, care personnel, building managers... everyone is kept informed

E-mail and SMS alerts from Airis Sense WiFi mean the safety of your loved ones or residents need never be in doubt.

Cooking behaviour attention

Mrs Jackson
Cooking at night time.
Wed, 8/10, 2:34am

Safera Care Cloud

Safera stove shutdown alarm notification

Stove overheated.
Wed, 23/04, 1:34pm

Safera Care Cloud

Cooking behaviour attention

Margaret B
No cooking has been detected in 3 days.

Safera Care Cloud

Safera Care Cloud notification

Flat 29, Block B
Batteries of the device are getting low.

Safera Care Cloud

Intelligent, reliable protection for the stove, kitchen and home

Suitable for all electric hobs

Airis stove guard can be used on any hob powered by electricity, including induction.

Long battery life

The Airis Multisensor has a battery life of 1-3 years. The AA batteries are easily changed.

No maintenance

Airis is simple to install and easy to maintain.

Certified BS EN 50615

Airis fulfils and goes far beyond the requirements of the BS EN 50615 standard, and alleviates certain building regulations.

Telecare compatibility

Airis can connect to existing telecare connections, so alarms can be sent to the call centre.

WiFi connectivity

With Airis Sense WiFi, loved ones can receive alerts if Airis has to act to protect them.

Which Airis Model is Right for You?

Airis Sense

From £369.99

Unmatched fire protection

Wall or hood-mounted*

9 x AA, 3+ year lifetime​

2-year warranty​

App & Bluetooth​

Regular updates​

Airis Sense WiFi

From £379.99

Unmatched fire protection

Wall or hood-mounted*

9 x AA, 3+ year lifetime​

2-year warranty​

App & Bluetooth​

Regular updates​

Remote Email and SMS alerts​


From £399.99

Unmatched fire protection


4 x AA, 4+ year lifetime​

2-year warranty​

Our customers are happy, independent and safe

Glenn Swanton

“My mum lives alone since my Dad passed away a couple of years ago and I was worried about her cooking… Now she wouldn’t be without it as over Christmas the phone rang and she forgot she was cooking. She said when she went back to the kitchen, cooking had stopped as the food she was frying started to burn and the Airis cut the power”

David Aitken

“Our installation team have found this product very easy to programme and explain the operation to our client. Our clients feel more confident with the product and have said they don’t notice that it’s there.”

Stewart Devlin

“This device works exactly as described and gives me great peace of mind as my relative is many miles away. Just as important though is the help and support from Unicook themselves, they made sure that the unit would do what I wanted it to do and could be fitted in the correct location. Even gave me a follow-up call to make sure everything was working as it should. I cannot fault the product or the service.”

Common Questions Relating To Airis Stove Guard

If you don’t find an answer to your question below, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Airis is ideal for people living with neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimer’s. This is why no button presses or actions by the user are necessary in order to use the stove. The individual cooks on the hob in the way that they always have done, as he or she wishes, protected by Airis in case of a dangerous situation.

Airis is only for electric hobs (all types).

All Airis products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to the user manual on our Support & Resources page for further details.

Your order should arrive in 7 working days or less.

Yes. Airis works with all hobs/stoves powered by electricity, including induction, ceramic/halogen, and older ‘iron ring’ style hobs.

Yes, but ALL versions of Airis prevent fire and most smoke.

For this application, a ceiling-mounted version of Airis is available called the Airis-C. Note that this model doesn’t have WiFi capability.

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