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Why Airis can do what other devices can’t – Multi-wavelength Temperature Analysis

Airis uses a unique patented temperature measurement technique to accurately measure the temperature of pans on a cooktop We are often asked how Airis differs from other cooker safety technology. Safera technology works reliably in all situations, thanks to more than a decade of research and development. The difference can be seen in everyday use. […]

Preventing Fires in Student Accommodation

With over 2.3 million students in the UK, student accommodation has been a growing sector for many years. More than ever before, young adults are choosing to leave home to pursue further education and experience the university way of life. This rapid increase has seen billions of pounds invested in the construction of new student […]

Introducing the new ceiling-mounted stove guard

This week, we have some exciting news to share – the Airis-C, a ceiling-mounted stove guard, is now available. Airis-C Known in other countries as the Aurora, the Airis-C works in much the same way as the Airis; it consists of a sensor unit, and a control unit. The sensor communicates with the controller and […]

What makes Airis a ‘next generation’ stove guard?

Stove guard technology has existed for many years, although it has only recently become widely used in the UK since we introduced it here in 2014. We are sometimes asked why Airis can be considered a ‘next generation’ stove guard, which is an important question. Before we answer this, let’s examine what exactly a stove […]

Proactive or reactive safety?

Today, technology helps us to avoid risk or unwanted consequences in all walks of life. This can be proactive – for example, a traffic light or an alarm clock – so as to prevent accidents or undesirable situations. Or it can be reactive – such as an airbag or a burglar alarm. In the world […]

How to reduce risk when cooking

Being able to prepare food for ourselves is something we all take for granted, but it’s worth remembering just how much it brings to our lives – learning, creativity, satisfaction, self-worth, social benefits and inclusion, and of course independence. As it’s such a vital part of our day-to-day living, therefore, it’s important that we all […]

Fire prevention – how to prevent kitchen fires

Fire prevention in the kitchen is fundamental – because the kitchen is the riskiest area in the home. Around 60% of accidental home fires start in the kitchen, which isn’t really surprising, with cookers, microwaves, toasters and deep-fat fryers all potentially a source of danger. They kill or injure nearly 20 people every day in […]

How to prevent chip pan fires

Chip pan fires are the UK’s biggest cause of injuries from fire in the home. There are around 12,000 chip pan fires every year, in which around 50 people die, and some 4,600 are injured. In fact, Fire Services now encourage people to use oven chips or modern deep-fat fryers, due to the risk of […]

What is BS EN 50615?

In March 2015, the European Commission’s European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation announced the new European stove guard Standard BS EN 50615. The BS EN 50615 standard was designed to help consumers identify effective cooking safety products. Airis falls under Category B of the standard: Prevention of Ignition. Airis fully meets the requirements of the standard, […]

A false alarm is still alarming. Here’s why

Sometimes, a safety device might react in a situation when it didn’t need to. On the one hand, this can be an issue because it essentially shows that the product is not behaving as it should. On the other, clearly, it’s better to be safe than sorry. But there are other ramifications to a false […]