Fire prevention – how to prevent kitchen fires

Fire prevention in the kitchen is fundamental – because the kitchen is the riskiest area in the home. Around 60% of accidental home fires start in the kitchen, which isn’t really surprising, with cookers, microwaves, toasters and deep-fat fryers all potentially a source of danger. They kill or injure nearly 20 people every day in the UK, so it’s clearly important to prevent kitchen fires.

Fire Prevention – Some Recommendations

Here are our top kitchen fire prevention tips:

  • Fire prevention tip one: Never leave cooking unattended, especially a grill pan or a chip pan. It takes just seconds for a fire to start. It’s best not to cook if you’re tired, have been drinking alcohol or are on medication that might make you drowsy, as it’s more likely that your attention will wander. Cooking should be enjoyable, but never forget it’s also a potentially dangerous activity too, to which you need to give your full attention.
  • Fire prevention tip two: Don’t leave things on top of the cooker. Never store things on top of an electric hob, as it’s easy for the heat to get switched on by accident. Keep tea towels and cloths away from the hob too.
  • Fire prevention tip three: Keep the oven, hob, cooker hood and grill clean to avoid a build-up of fat and grease, which could catch fire. Keep toasters clean too and away from anything that could ignite. In particular, don’t keep your toaster under a cupboard.
  • Fire prevention tip four: Fit a cooker safety device like Airis. Airis prevents kitchen fires by automatically turning your cooker off if it gets too hot or is left on too long – drastically reducing the risk of a fire ever happening. It can also be programmed to turn off the power if the hob is left on by accident, even if it is not too hot.
  • Fire prevention tip five: Fit a smoke alarm too of course, as the cooker is only one potential source of fire. And test it every week – there should be a test button.
  • Fire prevention tip six: Always double-check that the cooker and hob are turned off when you’ve finished cooking. It’s so easy to forget.
  • Fire prevention tip seven: Be careful when using microwaves. In particular, never put anything metal inside a microwave or attempt to use the microwave for drying clothes.

Please note that the fire safety advice in this post is for informative purposes only. Unicook cannot be held liable for your safety in the kitchen.