Hob timers for vulnerable people: are they good enough and what’s the alternative?

Image by Pixabay via Pexels - An hourglass sand timer running down

Are hob timers good enough for vulnerable people? As a carer or relative, you will likely have many concerns about hob safety and the people under your care. Hob fires are almost always caused by human error and this risk is greatly increased in elderly and disabled users. So, it’s never a bad thing to install a safety device to protect those in need and prolong their independence. We have the details on hob timers and an alternative solution that offers the ultimate protection.

Hob fires – which stove guard should you choose?

A vulnerable elderly couple cook together in a kitchen protected by Airis stove guard

There is an abundance of information out there on stove guards and it’s easy to get yourself in a twist, so you may be wondering exactly what a stove guard is and how it can help you. Is it a protective mat to stop spills? A set of knob covers to prevent children turning them? A surrounding barrier to prevent easy access to the hob rings? They are all known as stove guards in a loose sense, but they are not really what we are talking about here. Find out here about something far more intelligent and far less inconvenient.

Preventing fires in student accommodation

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels - A Student in a Student Accommodation Kitchen Cooks on the Hob

Younger adults rightly want to enjoy their new-found independence and the university social life. New friends, new streets and cities to explore, new jobs to work, new schedules and responsibilities, and a head full of new ideas and expectations as they face the social and academic challenges of new environments. It is unlikely their minds are on the stark realities of fire safety in the kitchen while they are experiencing the adventures of a rich new world. So how do we raise awareness and prevent fires without inhibiting their newfound freedom? Can a balance be struck? Or perhaps there is something better all together we could be doing.

12 ways Airis is a ‘next generation’ stove guard

Photo adapted from Brett Jordan from Pexels - 12 Wooden Blocks with "12 Ways" Engraved on Them

The Finns have been clued up on intelligent fire safety for years, but we’ve been a little slow off the blocks here in the UK. Fortunately, the technology started becoming more widely used since we at Unicook introduced it in 2014. We recognised there was a glaring deficiency in the capabilities of existing fire safety devices and we thought it was time to raise the bar and save lives with this modern, proactive technology. So, why is Airis a ‘next generation’ stove guard? Well, we have the answers right here in 12 simple points. So, let’s take a look.

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