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BS EN 50615 CPD Presentation

A one-hour certified online BS EN 50615 CPD presentation, at a time to suit you and your colleagues. Learn about the standard and how it is changing the face of fire prevention.

EN 50615 CPD – Fire prevention for the future

Learn how Airis is set to revolutionise fire safety in the most dangerous and least protected environment: the kitchen. Heat sensors, smoke sensors, alarm system and sprinkler systems react when a fire has started. With Airis, fires don’t happen.

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We illustrate how several factors are set to increase the risk of fires in domestic dwellings with some surprising facts about induction hobs and the drive for sustainable energy.

The significance of BS EN 50615

How compliant devices are distinct from any other fire prevention device/system, not least because they actually prevent fires happening. We explain how they work and the significant impact they’re having.

Airis fire and smoke prevention: beyond BS EN 50615

Airis goes far beyond the requirements of BS EN 50615 in many ways:

  • Fail-safe design
  • Functionality only made possible with AI
  • Human presence sensing
  • Leak detection
  • Smoke prevention
  • Connection via WiFi to the Airis Cloud for BMS functions and wellbeing monitoring
  • Automatic real-time alerts

Current status of the technology

A summary of the major customers in the UK and the uptake of the technology in various sectors, currently and in the future.

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