Airis protects a kitchen from fires while a family prepares a meal

Protect Your Kitchen From Fire

Keep your home and family safe by protecting your kitchen from fires and toxic smoke.

Protect your home from smoke and fire

The kitchen is the greatest source of house fires, but it’s the least protected. Heat sensors are sometimes fitted but they only react after a fire has started.

We all forget things occasionally, and that includes pans on the hob. It’s easy to become distracted – the phone rings, a WhatsApp message arrives or someone comes to the door. Fire safety in the home can be easily compromised without us even realising it.

Airis protects your kitchen from fire, and removes the risk of the number one cause of fires and smoke in the home.

Protects teenagers cooking when the parents are out of the house

Protects the family when parents are distracted by young children

Prevents smoke alarms from activating – no more ruined pans

Protects elderly family members

Airis protects the whole family from fires

Cooking safely

Cooking is a social activity and home-cooked food is good for our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s something we encourage our children to do – it’s a life skill. But it’s not without risk, especially with teenagers who can become distracted.

Are induction hobs safer?

The advent of induction cookers has increased the risk of fire as a pan can ignite twice as fast as other types of stove. Protecting your kitchen from fire is just as important as it has always been.

Save your pans as well as your kitchen

Airis can sense when a pan has boiled dry and in many cases even when food has started to burn. In almost every case it acts before there’s significant smoke or a pan is damaged.

Never worry about leaving the stove on

Airis can sense when a ring has been left on and turn off the hob before energy is needlessly wasted, protecting your kitchen, home and family from fires.

Why should I use Airis to protect my kitchen from fire?

Airis provides the highest level of fire and smoke safety for your stove. Find out how.