A mother looks over her shoulder at Airis stove guard watching the hob and keeping the kitchen safe

Cooking Safety for the Home

Airis stove guard makes your kitchen safer by preventing fires with advanced stove fire and smoke safety technology.

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“My mum lives alone since my Dad passed away a couple of years ago and I was worried about her cooking… Now she wouldn’t be without it as over Christmas the phone rang and she forgot she was cooking. She said when she went back to the kitchen, cooking had stopped as the food she was frying started to burn and the Airis cut the power”

– Glenn S.

Protect your family from fires and toxic smoke

Cooking on the stove is the number one cause of house fires. The Airis stove guard can virtually eliminate this risk as well as address the greatest cause of death in domestic fires – smoke – by cutting the power to the stove if a dangerous situation develops.

A family prepares a meal together while Airis stove guard protects the kitchen from fires
The Airis stove guard fire safety device protects an elderly couple while they cook on the stove.

A stove guard for elderly relatives

Let loved ones cook for themselves without the risks of fire and smoke. Cooking is key to a person’s dignity, freedom and independence, but the elderly are at especially high risk of house fires.

Allow vulnerable people to cook with confidence

Airis stove guard provides fire safety and peace of mind for people who could be at additional risk from fire or smoke when using a stove. This includes cognitive or physical difficulties or people at risk of seizure. Airis is a fire prevention device for the stove which protects the person from fires without affecting their independence or their ability to cook for themselves.

A man in a wheelchair pours oil into his pan while the Airis stove guard keeps him and his kitchen safe from fires

How does Airis stove guard protect people from fires?

Airis is a fire safety device that monitors the stove while cooking takes place. It uses several integrated sensors to detect signs of risk. If Airis detects that a certain combination of these measurements is dangerous (for example, the temperature of the oil in the pan is getting too high and nobody is attending to the cooking), Airis will cut the power to the hob, protecting the kitchen as well as the household.