A man in a wheelchair pours oil into his pan while the Airis stove guard keeps him and his kitchen safe from fires

Fire and Kitchen Safety for Disabled People

Airis stove guard is a kitchen and stove safety device for disabled and vulnerable people, keeping them safe when cooking by cutting the power to the stove if a dangerous situation unfolds.

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Protect Disabled People When They Cook

Airis cuts the power to the hob in case of danger. That means no fires, and a lot less smoke.

Makes the stove safer

Airis cuts the power to the hob in case of danger. That means no fires, and a lot less smoke.

quality of life

Increases independence

Airis allows vulnerable people to cook for themselves safely, bringing peace of mind to them and their loved ones.

Airis gets there first. No more damaged pans, embarrassing near-misses or calls to the fire brigade.

Avoids smoke alarms

Airis gets there first. No more damaged pans, embarrassing near-misses or calls to the fire brigade.

Airis stove guard is a hob safety device for disabled people

Cooking can be important for a person’s dignity and sense of freedom and independence, but it is also the number one cause of house fires. Airis is a cooking aid that keeps vulnerable people safe. Airis allows people to cook for themselves perfectly normally without interruption, and this includes people with cognitive or physical disabilities.

If the person isn’t able to attend their cooking, Airis will intervene to prevent fire and smoke if necessary. The distress of a fire alarm or evacuation is avoided and a person can cook with confidence knowing that they’re safe. Airis also ensures that fire alarms and sprinkler systems aren’t activated by cooking incidents.

If required, when Airis Sense WiFi is used, relatives and carers can be notified of incidents automatically and therefore know when someone might need additional support. Airis can also remind the person that cooking is taking place when they aren’t tending to the stove.

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Airis stove guard installed in a kitchen, protecting the hob from fires and smoke

“My mum lives alone since my Dad passed away a couple of years ago and I was worried about her cooking… Now she wouldn’t be without it as over Christmas the phone rang and she forgot she was cooking. She said when she went back to the kitchen, cooking had stopped as the food she was frying started to burn and the Airis cut the power”

– Glenn S.

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Safe cooking for vulnerable people, plain and simple

Cooking starts as normal

Cooking starts as normal – the pan goes on the hob with something delicious in it.

Airis keeps you safe

The Airis Multisensor checks on the situation in real-time, verifying that all is safe and sound.

Bon appétit!

If things get dangerous, Airis beeps for a minute, then tells the controller to cut the power if nobody comes back to the stove. Otherwise, bon appetit!

Cooking is now a universal activity

Suitable for all electric hobs

Airis stove guard can be used on any hob powered by electricity, including induction.

Long battery life

The Airis Multisensor has a battery life of 1-3 years. The AA batteries are easily changed.

Telecare compatibility

Airis can connect to existing telecare connections, so alarms can be sent to the call centre.

WiFi connectivity

With Airis Sense WiFi, loved ones and carers can receive alerts if Airis has to act to protect them.

Join the happy cooking generation

“This device works exactly as described and gives me great peace of mind as my relative is many miles away. Just as important though is the help and support from Unicook themselves, they made sure that the unit would do what I wanted it to do and could be fitted in the correct location. Even gave me a follow-up call to make sure everything was working as it should. I cannot fault the product or the service.”

– Stewart D.

“Installed for my ageing mother who is showing early signs of dementia. It is important that she maintains her independence as long as possible and, as the main cook in my parents’ household, my father can rest a little easier that she is safe when cooking. I have peace of mind that dad can relax a little and that mum can continue to enjoy one of her lifelong, favourite activities.”

– John C.

“Our installation team have found this product very easy to programme and explain the operation to our client. Our clients feel more confident with the product and have said they don’t notice that it’s there.”

– David A.

“I bought this for an elderly relative who lives by themselves and who can be occasionally forgetful. As they cook for themselves, this product seemed like the ideal solution for peace of mind – both for my relative and for the family as a whole. A local electrician installed the product within 20 minutes… My only concern when buying the product was that it may be over-sensitive like smoke alarms can sometimes be, but this has not been the case.”

– Jamie A.

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Common Questions Relating To Airis Stove Guard

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For this application, a ceiling-mounted version of Airis is available called the Airis-C. Note that this model doesn’t have WiFi capability.

Airis is only for electric hobs (all types). For gas, the Multisensor can be used on its own. This will not cut the gas in case of a dangerous situation, but the Multisensor will alarm to warn the person that they need to come to check on the cooking. If the WiFi Multisensor is used, alerts can be sent to relatives or carers via SMS or email.

Yes, but ALL versions of Airis prevent fire and most smoke.

Airis is mounted on the wall, but does not have WiFi or remote alert functionality.

Airis Sense WiFi does everything that Airis does, except it has WiFi which enables it to send SMS and email alerts to relatives, carers, or personnel, depending on the application.

Airis-C is mounted on the ceiling. It does not have WiFi or remote alert functionality.

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