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Airis Products – Hob Cut Off and Fire Prevention

Airis stove guard is a versatile cooker cut off device that stops fires on the hob from starting – it enables near risk-free cooking. Depending on the model used, Airis can also provide advanced care and/or building management features for organisations with Airis Cloud.

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Airis, the ultimate cooker cut off device

Airis is an advanced hob and cooker cut off device that prevents fires on the hob. Airis stove guard is as suitable for preventing fires and alarms in the home of an elderly relative as it is in shared accommodation. By intelligently stopping fires and smoke from ever starting, false alarms and the activation of other fire safety systems can be avoided too. Airis comes in three variants which differ only in their mounting position and remote connectivity capabilities: Airis, Airis-C and Airis Sense WiFi.

A close up of the Airis stove guard sensor by Unicook

Airis Cloud

For institutional deployment, Airis Cloud is built for Building Managers and Care Personnel. When Airis Sense WiFi cooker cut off units are in use and connected to WiFi, the wellbeing of the resident, reports on cooking activity, low battery warnings, technical information, and much more can be viewed in one place. This benefits the residents of the building and, depending on the use case, care or building management staff.


Are you looking for user and installation manuals for our products, a BS EN 50615 certificate or a declaration of conformity? You’ll find it all on our Downloads page.

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Why use Airis products?

Airis products are maintenance-free and easy to install (though we strongly recommend an electrician for the installation of the PCU). For some people, this technology can be life-changing because it allows for safe cooking on the hob without the risk. This can mean a heightened sense of independence, the freedom to cook and true peace of mind for anyone at risk in the kitchen.

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Rated 5 stars by our customers