The Airis Sense WiFi Multisensor

Airis – The Kitchen and Cooking Fire Prevention Device

Airis is an advanced cooking safety and kitchen fire prevention device that stops fires before they even start. It keeps the hob safe from fires and smoke without affecting normal cooking.

Airis Prevents Fires Intelligently

Airis uses a unique patented temperature measurement technique to accurately measure the temperature of pans on a hob.

Measuring the temperature of the pan is difficult because different materials radiate differently. In fact, when a simple infrared thermometer is used, a stainless steel pan at 100C might be read as 50C. Airis is the only device that overcomes this problem.

Find out how Airis can do what other devices cannot

My mum lives alone since my Dad passed away a couple of years ago and I was worried about her cooking… Now she wouldn’t be without it as over Christmas the phone rang and she forgot she was cooking. She said when she went back to the kitchen, cooking had stopped as the food she was frying started to burn and the Airis cut the power

– Glenn S.

Stop kitchen fires with Airis

Airis can prevent almost all kitchen fires from ever starting.
That’s right – prevent. How many devices can you name that will actually prevent a fire starting?

The term “fire prevention” has long been used to describe equipment which waits for a fire, or smoke, before acting. But that isn’t fire prevention, because it doesn’t stop either from occurring.

Airis prevents both fire and smoke, and you won’t even know it’s there unless it acts to save the kitchen, the home, and quite possibly a life.

Airis prevents cooking fires by turning off the power to the hob when a pan boils dry, food starts to burn or if the hob/cooker has inadvertently been left on. Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems don’t activate and pans don’t get ruined!

Prevents fires – does not wait for them

Protects the home and the people in it

Protects vulnerable people when they cook

Simple to install and maintain

What is the Airis fire prevention system?

Airis comprises two components – the Multisensor, and the Controller.

Airis Multisensor

The Airis Multisensor fits on the wall behind the stove, on the extraction hood above it or, in the case of Airis-C, on the ceiling.

The Multisensor monitors and senses many aspects of the cooking activity and the environment at once.

Airis Controller

The Airis PCU monitors the power used by the cooker and, when instructed by the Multisensor, disconnects the power to prevent a fire or smoke. The power controller also analyses the power being consumed. 35A and 50A models are available.

The Airis Range

All Airis products offer the highest level of fire safety and vary only in their mounting position and connectivity options.


Mounted on the cooker hood or splashback behind the cooktop.


Mounted on the ceiling.

Airis Sense WiFi

Mounted on the cooker hood or splashback behind the cooktop. Features WiFi connectivity, required for Airis Cloud functions and notifications via email and SMS.

Airis stops fires from starting and keeps a remote check on the kitchen and the person

Airis – fire prevention that keeps you in the know

If your home or the person you look out for has WiFi, Airis Sense WiFi provides a little more cover. You can receive a text or email when your loved one might need some help, if for example:

  • They haven’t cooked for a day or two
  • Airis has had to cut the power
  • Their kitchen is unusually hot, cold or damp

Airis Cloud – for building and care managers

When Airis Sense WiFi units and Airis Cloud are in use, building managers can receive a real-time text or email notification when a water leak is detected, there’s a technical problem, a battery needs replacing or when a kitchen is hot, cold or damp.

Care managers can receive real-time notifications when a resident might need assistance, for example if Airis has cut the power to prevent fire or smoke, or a resident hasn’t cooked for a given period.

Airis Cloud stores data for all Airis Sense WiFi units. Devices can be grouped for easy management.

Where to buy Airis

I am…

…looking to protect a loved one or my own home from fires.

…a contractor or an organisation.

Airis kitchen fire prevention in detail

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Temperature analysis
Fail-safe communication
Fail-safe sensor orientation
Power monitoring
Smoke and steam analysis
Human presence monitoring

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Temperature analysis

The Airis Multisensor monitors the heat with a range of sensing devices. Both the cooking temperature and the ambient temperature of the room are monitored.

The temperature and rises in temperature are taken into account, as well as the type of stove – halogen, metal plate, or induction, for example.

Fail-safe communication

Airis features two-way digital communication, between the sensor and the power controller. This robust communication is critical to ensuring safe operation of the device.

A digital signal is also far more reliable than an analogue radio signal. Frequently, analogue radio frequencies can be prone to interference from non-critical applications, such as garage-door remote controls.

Without bi-directional communication, the PCU cannot know if the sensor is working correctly, or even at all. If the Airis sensor ever fails, cooking will be prevented to ensure the safety of the resident.

Fail-safe sensor orientation

The sensor must be positioned correctly in order for it to see the hob. During installation, the sensor measures its own pitch and roll axis to ensure that it has been placed horizontally.

If the sensor is incorrectly mounted, or is moved from its original position any time thereafter, the power controller will prevent cooking to ensure the safety of the resident.

A security cover is available to prevent removal of the sensor. We generally supply and recommend these for student accommodation applications, and sometimes in assisted living schemes.

Power monitoring

The role of the PCU is not just to cut the power when required; it also monitors the power consumption and makes this information available to the Multisensor. This enables the Multisensor to know when to analyse its own data, approximately every second.

The PCU is able to determine the type of stove by analysing the current flow. The Multisensor includes this in its analysis.

The PCU has volt-free outputs for connection to other systems such as BMS or telecare, and also has an input for the connection of leak sensors.

Smoke and steam analysis

The Multisensor monitors the amplitude of the infrared readings. In this way, it is able to tell if the readings are being affected by steam or smoke.

Using its AI algorithms, built by machine learning, Airis can often determine when food is starting to burn and when a pan has boiled dry.

Human presence monitoring

The Multisensor detects when someone is close to the hob. The algorithms take this into account when deciding if the power should be disconnected.

If someone is present (very close to the stove), Airis will allow cooking to continue at a very high temperature – for example, in the case of searing or charring a steak.

As this type of cooking requires close monitoring, Airis will not allow it to take place unattended, even for a short time.

Installing Airis

The Multisensor is mounted on the wall/splashback behind the hob or on an extraction hood. A tamper proof cover is available. If Airis-C is used, the Multisensor is mounted on the ceiling.

The power control unit (PCU) can be mounted in any orientation and fitted wherever it best integrates with the kitchen layout. For a hob with an oven underneath, it can be fitted directly behind the oven, or underneath the plinth. For a floor-standing cooker, the PCU can be mounted on the wall behind the cooker or another convenient location. The dimensions of the PCU are 113 x 225.5 x 42mm. It is an enclosed unit and has no controls that can be tampered with.

Once the multisensor and PCU are in place, the final setup takes a few seconds.

Airis – Technical specification

Wiring details

High quality screw terminals and cable restraints are provided for supply and load. The supply cable can, if required, be fed through a break-out section at the rear of the PCU as shown in the video. Screw holes allow the PCU to be mounted directly onto the pattress box. Alternatively, both supply and load cables are fed via adjacent ports at the end of the PCU. Removable blanking plates and grommets are included to allow either configuration.

Multisensor unit

Battery type AA/LR6 Alkaline. Recommended type: Duracell Ultra Power (MX1500).

Battery life 1-5 years (depending on model).

Wireless connection SAFERA RobustLink 2,4 GHz. Range 10 – 100m, depending on the building structure.

Power control unit

Power supply 230V Single Phase.

Connectors for 35A model: single or multi-strand cables of up to 10mm2.

Connectors for 50A model: single or multi-strand cables of up to 16mm2.

Power consumption 2W.

Control type IEC/EN 60730 – 1 : Type 1.B.

Pollution degree 2.

Impulse voltage rating 4 kV.

Tmin/Tmax +5C/+35C.

Ball pressure test rating 100C.

PTI of insulation materials 175…400.

Designed number of automatic actuations 6000.

Airis Compliance

Please view our downloads page for all compliance information relating to Airis.