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Organisations Using Airis Stove Guard

Airis is a well-established name in the UK with a reputation for superb reliability and going far beyond the requirements of the EN 50615 standard. Many thousands of units are in use across a broad spectrum of sectors. Below is a bit more information about our customers and the sectors using Airis technology.

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Our extensive customer list is a testament to Airis’ concrete reliability and effectiveness as a kitchen fire prevention technology. If you would like a reference to one of our customers, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Fire & Rescue Services

Fire services across the UK regularly use Airis to protect vulnerable and elderly people in their own homes, prolonging their independence and keeping them safe from fires and smoke. These include East Sussex Fire and Rescue, North Wales Fire and Rescue and Kent Fire and Rescue.

Local Government & Telecare

Councils and telecare organisations use Airis to keep vulnerable people in the community safe from fires and smoke without taking away their independence. This includes organisations such as Amica24, City of London and North Herts Careline.

University & Private Student Accommodation Customers

Universities have been using BS EN 50615 cooking safety technology since 2014, when it was introduced to the UK and the first units were installed at the University of Brighton. In addition to the prevention of cooking fires, Universities have reported a significant reduction in false alarms, in some cases upwards of 60%. False alarms are a major risk as students often become complacent and fail to leave the building when an alarm is sounded. Over the past 6 years, this technology has been adopted by numerous universities, colleges and private providers of student accommodation. By the end of 2021, over 10,000 Airis stove guard units will have been installed in this sector alone. A large number of universities and private providers use Airis including University of Brighton, University of Surrey and Unite Students. If you’d like a reference, please contact us and we’ll be glad to put you in touch with a customer who can tell you the significant impact that the technology has had on fire safety.

More information on the benefits of using Airis to reduce the risk of smoke and prevent fires in student accommodation.

Developers & the Construction Sector

With property prices increasing, there has been an increase in the development of studio apartments, enabling first time buyers to get their foot on the property ladder. Being compact by design, very often access to and from the apartment is compromised by the location of the hob/cooker. Until the development of this technology, fire regulations required the installation of a costly suppression system that required regular servicing/maintenance and recharging if it activated to prevent a fire. Airis stops fires from starting, no maintenance is required, and it is a far more cost-effective solution. In recent years, Airis has become a common sight in high-rise buildings and apartment blocks, and Apart Hotels. Our customers in this sector include Berkeley Homes, Balfour Beatty and Hermes Property Trust.

Information for professionals in the construction sector looking to learn more about Airis’ applications in high-rise and apartment buildings can be found over on our dedicated page.

Retirement Villages, Assisted Living & Extra Care

For the last two decades the number of Retirement Villages and Apartments has increased exponentially in the UK, enabling our ageing population to live independently within a safe environment. However, as we get older, we can become more forgetful and more easily distracted, which makes cooking all the more hazardous and often results in people having to move into full time care. Airis stove guard has been installed in the homes of the elderly by Fire Services, Managers of Retirement Villages, as well as concerned relatives. This has enabled people to remain in their own home or retirement home and continue to live independently for several more years.

Airis is being used not just to enable people to live independently, but also to help monitor their wellbeing. Airis stores data on a person’s cooking, such as the time of day/night that they cook, how long they cook for, and if Airis intervenes to prevent a fire. Additionally, when using Airis Sense WiFi units, Airis Cloud can send a range of automatic alerts to staff via email or mobile phone. All Airis products can be connected to telecare. Our customers in the sector include YMCA, YWCA, Leonard Cheshire and Five Villages Home Association.

View our dedicated pages for preventing fires and extending the independence of residents in Assisted Living & Extra Care and Retirement Living.

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