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Professional Applications for Airis Stove Guard

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Fire Safety for Assisted Living and Extra Care​

Airis stove guard provides advanced fire safety and increased independence in housing for vulnerable people, whether in permanent or temporary accommodation or in rehabilitation. Airis can provide additional monitoring and support via Airis Cloud, enabling staff to better monitor and care for their residents.

A young man in a wheelchair in assisted living accommodation washes up in the sink. The Airis fire safety device monitors a pan on the hob.

Stop Fires in Student Accommodation​

Airis is the UK’s most popular and reliable fire prevention technology in UK Student Accommodation. Airis stove guard reduces fire service call-outs, false alarms and investigations and makes life easier for staff, and safer and less stressful for students.

For student accommodation providers, Airis allows for a significant reduction in fire alarm activations without ongoing maintenance charges.

A group of students chat in a communal kitchen in student accommodation. Universities often use Airis to prevent fires

Fire Safety for Retirement Living Providers​

Cooking is a key activity for maintaining a sense of independence. It is also a cognitively important task which can help in preventing mental decline. Taking away a person’s ability to cook can have negative health and financial consequences.

Airis stove guard ensures people can continue to cook and be safe in their own living space as they age gracefully. With Airis, residents can regain the choice of whether to cook in their own home or join others in a communal café or restaurant.

A middle-aged man in his kitchen, cleaning a frying pan with the Airis fire safety device protecting the hob in the background

Airis Information for Construction Professionals

Airis prevents cooking fires, substantially reduces the risk of fires in houses and apartment blocks, and helps meet Part B1 Section 2 of building regulations.

Airis reduces the risk of domestic fires by around 50%.

A high-rise apartment block under construction. Airis alleviates building regulations in high-rise buildings

How does deploying Airis stove guard protect residents across different sectors?

Airis is a fire safety device that monitors the stove while cooking takes place. It uses several integrated sensors to detect signs of risk. If it detects that a certain combination of these measurements is dangerous (for example, the temperature of the oil in the pan is getting too high and nobody is attending to the cooking), Airis will cut the power to the hob, protecting the kitchen as well as the occupants.

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