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Meet Fire Safety Building Regulations with Airis Stove Guard

Airis is a fire safety device that prevents fires in the kitchen, making it ideal for many types of schemes from studio apartments to student accommodation and extra care, Airis helps meet Part B1 Section 2 of fire safety building regulations.

"Our installation team have found this product very easy to programme... Our clients feel more confident with the product and have said they don’t notice that it’s there."
David Aitken, electrical contractor
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Fire Safety for New Builds and Retrofits

Improve fire design by preventing fires and smoke from cooking – the single biggest cause of fires in domestic dwellings.

Airis fulfils and goes far beyond the requirements of the BS EN 50615 standard, and helps meet certain building regulations.

Avoid fire lobbies

Airis allows for better designs with fewer constraints while helping meet Part B1 Section 2 of building regulations.

With Airis Sense WiFi, loved ones can receive alerts if Airis has to act to protect them.

Wireless building management

Airis Sense WiFi allows for wireless building management functions.

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Leak detection

Airis can detect water leaks in real-time, allowing for intervention at the earliest opportunity.

Airis Stove Guard Prevents Fires Intelligently

Airis uses a unique patented temperature measurement technique to accurately measure the temperature of pans on a hob.

Measuring the temperature of the pan is difficult because different materials radiate differently. In fact, when a simple infrared thermometer is used, a stainless steel pan at 100C might be read as 50C. Airis is the only device that overcomes this problem.

For a technical deep dive on Airis and to find out how it can do what no other device, click below.

Airis stove guard installed in a kitchen, protecting the hob from fires and smoke

Questions about Airis and Building Regulations?

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What is Airis Stove Guard?

Airis is a fire safety device that helps meet building regulations and goes beyond the current standards for BS EN 50615 and fire safety. Its AI derived algorithms can analyse cooking fumes, human presence, real-time power use and more.
Airis comprises two components – the Multisensor and the Controller.


Airis Multisensor

The Airis Multisensor fits on the wall behind the stove or on the extraction hood above it.

The Multisensor monitors and senses many aspects of the cooking activity and the environment at once.


Airis Controller

The Airis PCU monitors the power used by the cooker and, when instructed by the Multisensor, disconnects the power to prevent a fire or smoke.

The PCU also monitors the power being consumed over time. 35A and 50A models are available.

Fire safety to help meet Building Regulations – without ongoing maintenance costs

Suitable for all electric hobs

Airis stove guard can be used on any hob powered by electricity, including induction.

Long battery life

The Airis Multisensor has a battery life of 1-3 years. The AA batteries are easily changed.

No maintenance

Airis is simple to install and no servicing is required.

Looking for More Details?

Please see below for further information on how Airis can drastically improve fire design and safety.

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Rated 5 stars by our customers

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