Airis Integration and API

What is the Safera API?

The API (application programming interface) enables the integration of the Safera Cloud with any cloud-based systems using HTTP post. This integration can add considerable value to systems designed for monitoring wellbeing, especially behavioural analysis) and building management. The Safera Cloud can provide key information that no other system can. Room temperature, cooking activity, power consumption and air quality (CO2, eVOC and PM2.5) data is available.

Behaviour profiling for wellbeing monitoring

Systems that profile human behaviour with sensors to monitor activity can benefit significantly from the API. For example, a real-time notification is available when somebody cooks a meal. Any changes to behaviour can be identified and more importantly, intervention can be actioned before it’s too late. According to NHS digital, the number of people admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a primary or secondary diagnosis of malnutrition rose from 2707 in 2007/2008 to 9641 in 2017/2017 (Source).

Some examples of real-time information that the API can provide:

  • The resident has started cooking
  • Airis has turned off the power to the hob or cooker to avert a fire and/or smoke
  • The resident hasn’t cooked for a specified time
  • The resident has cooked at an unusual time of day or night
  • The kitchen is excessively hot, cold or damp
  • If Airis Sense AQ is in use, alerts for excessive eCO2, tVOC and PM2.5 are also provided

Click here to view the full list of notifications.

Wellbeing monitoring

By adding Airis Sense to the system, a more comprehensive profile can be built with the inclusion of one of the most important activities of all: cooking. Cooking involves planning and making choices. It requires cognitive and physical skills. It’s perhaps the most important activity for many people in older age.

Building management

Integrating Airis Sense ensures all devices in the building are working and any problems are notified immediately. It can also give a warning if there’s a problem with HVAC e.g. where air quality is low or temperature/humidity is outside of an acceptable range.

Air quality monitoring

Air quality is increasingly being recognised as a significant factor in wellbeing and productivity. The Airis Sense AQ is ideal for keeping track of pollution levels and the API can provide real-time notifications when preset levels are exceeded due to poor ventilation and/or pollutants from cooking or other sources.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

CO2 level is generally recognised as a good indicator of ventilation effectiveness. When levels are raised, residents can experience headaches and fatigue. While there are many potential sources, such as cooking, candles, smoking and open fires, exhaled air significantly raises CO2 levels and CO2 is now being monitored to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools. As people breathe, the level of CO2 rises and can reach unacceptable levels simply because of inadequate ventilation.

tVOC (total volatile organic compounds)

VOCs can affect wellbeing in many ways, including headaches, fatigue, eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea etc. Ventilation is required if the tVOC level rises. Common sources of volatile organic compounds are cooking, paints, upholstery, floor coverings and cleaning products.

PM2.5 (airborne particles of 2.5µm or less)

PM2.5 particles especially affect vulnerable groups of people such as the young, elderly, and those with respiratory problems. Many factors contribute to background levels such as wood burning stoves and vehicle brake wear. Indoor sources of PM2.5 include cooking, smoking, open fires and burning candles.

Full list of Airis Sense notifications

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