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Airis Sense WiFi

(8 customer reviews)

Airis Sense WiFi – no more cooking fires. Intelligent shut-off and fire prevention for electric hobs.

  • WiFi connectivity enables you to check that your loved one is safe – receive automatic reactive and proactive alerts in the event that Airis Sense WiFi acts to prevent fire or smoke
  • Cuts off the power to the hob if a dangerous situation is detected. Normal, safe cooking is completely unaffected
  • 7-sensor technology including temperature, fume and presence sensing, boil-dry automatic cut-off*
  • Fail-safe with built-in diagnostics; easy-replace batteries, maintenance-free; continuous usage and safety monitoring, data available for analysis via Safera Cloud
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for a guided installation experience via the Safera app
  • Exceptionally quick and easy to install – flexible installation and mounting options and automatic self-configuration
  • Compatible with telecare and building management systems
  • 2-year warranty
  • Free delivery

To ensure that the PCU installation is carried out correctly, we strongly recommend that an electrician installs it. This takes no more than 30 minutes.

*Please note: no device can 100% guarantee the prevention of fire or smoke.

£379.99 inc. VAT

Rated 5 stars by our customers

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Unicook Airis Sense WiFi – no more cooking fires. Intelligent shut-off and fire prevention for electric hobs.

Additional information

Dimensions (Multisensor)

129 x 46 x 22mm

Dimensions (PCU)

225.5 x 113 x 42mm


9 x AA

Battery life (minimum)

1 year

8 reviews for Airis Sense WiFi

  1. David Aitken

    Over the years we have installed a lot of stove guard units,This year we came across the Safera Airis unit and have found this to be more user friendly, easier and quicker to install and set up.Our installation team have found this product very easy to programme and explain the operation to our client.Our clients feel more confident with product and have said they don’t notice that’s its there.

  2. Jamie Ashton

    I bought this for an elderly relative who lives by themselves and who can be occasionally forgetful. As they cook for themselves, this product seemed like the ideal solution for peace of mind – both for my relative and for the family as a whole.A local electrician installed the product within 20 minutes. So far the stove guard has not had to react to anything, but is working as it should. My only concern when buying the product was that it may be over-sensitive like smoke alarms can sometimes be, but this has not been the case. The product looks as described – no complaints!

  3. Glenn Swanton

    My mum lives alone since my Dad passed away a couple of years ago and I was worried about her cooking. She’s fiercely independent and it took a lot of persuading to allow me to get a stove guard fitted. Now she wouldn’t be without it as over Christmas the phone rang and she forgot she was cooking. She said when she went back to the kitchen, cooking had stopped as the food she was frying started to burn and the Airis cut the power. Her lunch was still edible! I think I need one.

  4. ryan murphy

    Have just installed over 50 of these units on a university project , quality bits of kit which serve there purpose with ease of installation to boot.

  5. Mark

    Excellent product, it’s a breeze to use, other than the electrician bit for the controller you basically just mount it and turn it on. Much nicer looking than other stove guards in my opinion too. The changeable battery is a major plus. I’ve been using it for two months and haven’t had a single problem with it. I like the fact it comes with the colour inserts too, takes out the guesswork of colour matching at the point of purchase, which is not my forte…

  6. J. Collins

    Installed for my ageing mother who is showing early signs of dementia. It is important that she maintains her independence as long as possible and, as the main cook in my parents’ household, my father can rest a little easier that she is safe when cooking.I have peace of mind that dad can relax a little and that mum can continue to enjoy one of her lifelong, favourite activities. Thankfully the situation has not arisen where it needs to be activated but I am confident it will prevent a dangerous situation should that happen.I was impressed with how un-intrusive it is as I was apprehensive before it arrived. The design is sleek and discrete.I am considering buying some for my friends as they are, frankly, utter liabilities in the kitchen.

  7. Stewart Devlin

    This device works exactly as described and gives me great peace of mind as my relative is many miles away. Just as important though is the help and support from Unicook themselves, they made sure that the unit would do what I wanted it to do and could be fitted in the correct location. Even gave me a follow-up call to make sure everything was working as it should. I cannot fault the product or the service. Unfortunately Amazon does not seem to record the fact that I bought it through them so this review may not be verified by them.

  8. The Poacher

    This is a great product, easy to fit but needs a bit of care to set up properly. This product works well but be aware it is not suitable ovens – just electric hobs.

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