Stop kitchen fires before they can start in Assisted living

Format: Webinar
Date: Wed, May 12, 12:30pm – 1pm
Admission: Free

A simple, smart gadget could prevent pan fires, stop false alarms and improve resident wellbeing. But you won’t hear about it from your fire safety consultants, because fire regulations consider provisions for detection, evacuation, suppression and containment – but not for fire prevention!

We think it’s smarter to ensure that stove top fires never start, instead of triggering alarms or dousing them. Our approach is also ideal for residents’ dignity & independence.

If you’re responsible for elderly or vulnerable residents in extra-care accommodation, you really do need to hear a different story. One that’s about fire prevention, not just fire control.

You’re invited to a free webinar about fire prevention solutions for extra-care settings.

We will cover the following:

  • Why dementia is likely to increase the number of domestic fires
  • How fire prevention is better and safer than traditional fire safety approaches
  • How Airis – a leading fire prevention device – and the Care Cloud can prevent smoke and fire like no other device can
  • A fire and smoke demonstration from a test kitchen.

The webinar will be 30 minutes of your time well-spent. The Q&A session is when we’d love to hear your questions and feedback.

The webinar will be presented by:

Peter Holland

Technical director at Unicook,
the UK’s exclusive distributor
for Airis

Sampo Rantakokko

Co-founder and designer at Safera,
the manufacturer of Airis