Hob fires – which stove guard should you choose?

There is an abundance of information out there on stove guards and it’s easy to get yourself in a twist, so you may be wondering exactly what a stove guard is and how it can help you. Is it a protective mat to stop spills? A set of knob covers to prevent children turning them? A surrounding barrier to prevent easy access to the hob rings? They are all known as stove guards in a loose sense, but they are not really what we are talking about here. We will be telling you about something far more intelligent and far less inconvenient.

If you want to know what a true stove guard is and why, with the right one installed, it will save you a shed load of hassle then you are in the right place. We have been the UK experts in stove guard technology since we introduced it in 2014 so we can clear up any confusion for you. Keep reading…

What is a stove guard?

The Airis stove guard fire safety device protects an elderly couple while they cook on the stove.
Airis stove guard protects the stove by intelligently monitoring it and cutting the power in case of danger.

Forget the products above – whilst they have their uses in stovetop safety, what we mean by a “stove guard” is a proactive safety device that cuts the power to the stove when there’s a chance a fire can start. They were invented to keep elderly and vulnerable people safe when cooking on the stove, but their application has extended way beyond this to student accommodation, extra care and assisted living, apartments, and homes like yours. There really isn’t a limit for safety.

In essence, all stove guards are comprised of two components: a sensor, which monitors the stove, and a controller, which controls the power supply. The sensor sends messages to the controller if it detects signs of risk. This is usually sensing too high a temperature or detecting smoke rising from the pan. The controller will analyse the data and spring into life, alerting you to the risk and, if no action is taken to turn the heat down, it will cut the power. This is proactive because it does all this before there is a chance of a fire starting. So you’ll never have one, and you’ll never set the smoke alarm off again when using the hob.

This is where Airis comes into its own. It uses advanced sensor technology and data analysis to assess the situation properly and effectively. Meaning you won’t have false alarms, annoying “learning periods” that other brands need in order to work, and you can rest assured that the failsafe protocols will keep you protected and alert you immediately if anything goes awry. But how do you know they’re going to work and what should you look out for?

Stove guard standards

A close up of the Airis stove guard sensor by Unicook
Airis prevents fires on the stove and goes far beyond the BS EN 50615 standard

Well, that’s the not-so-easy part. Stove guards should conform to an EU standard called BS EN 50615: Particular requirements for devices for fire prevention and suppression for electric hobs (cooktops) – you can find out more about the BS EN 50615 standard here.

The standard ensures that stove guards meet a set of functional criteria to make sure they operate effectively and do what they are supposed to do. That being said, many stove guards available only partially comply with the standard, for example, your hob may be too wide. Now this is the easy part, and this is why we love Airis, because it not only complies with all aspects of the BS EN 50615 standard, it exceeds it in many ways. What’s more, it has lots of exceptional features that place it leagues ahead of any other models.

We believe that our customers should be as safe as possible and enjoy the benefits of modern technology that fits seamlessly into a “smart” world. Find out for yourself why Airis is the best stove guard.

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